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Denmark has a lot of opportunities.😎

We have a country, were you can travel from one end to the other in just one day.                           But if you want to experience our country and city it takes many weeks.  

Copenhagen is a very exciting city. In Copenhagen we have a nice flat, central, in a quirt area.

We also have a summerhouse / cottage in the country in Jægerspris if you are interested in that.

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We are Jytte 64 years and Jens 73 years old, and both retired.                                                        We are both early childhood educators and Jytte are working in a kindergarten / nursery with children between 1 – 6 years old. 

Jens stop summer 2013 after a long working life together with adults and children in early childhood education, Now working in Doctors Without Boardes/Medecins Sans Frontieres www.msf.org or www.msf.dk 


We have a nice urban flat placed in central of Copenhagen, but in a quiet area. Our flat is big and just reconstructed.  There are two bedrooms with beds for 3 adults or 2 adults and two children?

The flat is in a flat complex with green area in the courtyard.

The flat is standing close to green areas, the beach, and the forest but also close to busses and metro. Close to museums, museum of art, Tivoli garden and other sights and the exiting live in the capitol Copenhagen.

It’s not fare away from the central station, so there is a lot of opportunity to take tours in other places in Zeeland ex. Roskilde, Ellsinore ect.

The airport is just 10-15  min. from our flat, with Metro.


Our cottage is 70 square meters and a 33 square meter terrace on a 2.040,00 square meters garden. There are no TV in the house,  but wireless Internet to your computer or iPad, and there are lots of possibilities to listen to music, read a book , look at the birds, the deer, the squirrels or play some games.

The house are just reconstructed and it has 2 bedrooms, a big kitchen with a dining room, and a big living room with a wood burning stove, and of course toilet and a bath.

We have made 48 exchanges until now, without any problems.

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There are diffrent opportunities to travel with our public transport.

If you stay longer than a weekend we would recommend to get at travel card (Rejsekort in Danish).
 Or we can help you to get one

Our home has been visited by 51 families past the time ...

Decisions are only the beginning of something.

When someone makes a decision he is, in fact,

plunging into a powerful current

that carries him to a place

he had never even dreamed of

when he made that initial decision

Paulo Coelho the Alchemist


Email answer

We will try to answer your email quickly, but sometimes we must first find out whether we can get the holiday at that moment .

How to contact us for an exchange

How to contat us😀:

Jytte and Jens Pallisgaard
Hollaenderdybet 25,st.th
DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Ph.:  +45 53 62 33 89  or +45 30 82 33 89

Skype: pallisgaards

email: jens@pallisgaard.eu    


email: jyttes@musling.dk


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Copenhagen is greenest in Europe

Copenhagen is greenest in Europe


Copenhagen has been awarded the EU Commission’s prestigious European Green Capital Award for 2014. The Danish capital is receiving the prize for, amongst other reasons, getting more people to cycle and for the city’s ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025.

Three out of four Europeans live in towns and cities, placing mayor cities at the heart of the environmental challenges. For a considerable period of time now, Copenhagen has taken on the challenge. Copenhageners are good at leaving the car in the garage and taking their bikes instead, they can go for a swim in the clean water of the harbour and Copenhagen has just published a green account that shows remarkable reductions in carbon emissions. For these reasons, the Danish capital is now getting a green pat on the back from the EU Commission in the form of a prize as European Green Capital 2014 - ahead of 17 other European cities.

”This is international recognition of our dedicated efforts,” says Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, and continues, ”And it is something Copenhageners can be really proud of every time they get on their bikes or take a swim in one of the harbour swimming pools. Our efforts are not only about a greener Copenhagen. They are also about a healthier Copenhagen and a Copenhagen which is nice to live in.”

To become European Green Capital 2014, Copenhagen and the other 17 candidates were judged by a panel of experts in twelve specific areas within the sectors of environment, climate and green growth. Copenhagen was awarded top marks ahead of all the other cities. In nine of the twelve areas, the technical jury assessed Copenhagen to have achieved the best or second best results of all 18 cities.

”Copenhagen leads the field in many areas, but we are constantly working on giving Copenhageners an even greener and more liveable city. So, we want to show the rest of Europe how to make green urban solutions that work and create new possibilities for the citizens. At the same time, we want to learn new things from other cities all over Europe so we can make Copenhagen an even better place to live,” says Ayfer Baykal, Copenhagen’s Technical and Environmental Mayor.

Past winners include Stockholm, Hamburg and Vitoria-Gasteiz. In 2013, Nantes takes over the title from Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Quotes on Copenhagen as Europes Green Capital 2014
Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Building, Martin Lidegaard:
”Congratulations! It is a very prestigious award. The last couple of years the climate agenda has lacked awareness on the international political scene. Fortunately cities, ngo’s, regions and countries are innovative first movers. Especially the major cities play a key role in solving the climate challenges we all face. I hope that Copenhagen as Europes Green Capital will be a platform of inspiration in 2014 to politicians from other visionary cities.”

Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster’s Executive Director, Marianna Lubanski looks forward to Copenhagen show casing Copenhagens Green solutions:
”To showcase our Region’s strong cleantech competences we need global attention. The European Green Capital Award is a great platform for this and at the CCC we look forward to help turning the attention into tangible results like growth and job creation.”

WWF Denmark, Secretary general Gitte Seeberg:
”The award will create awareness of Copenhagen as a major city focusing on sustainable development. The major cities play a key role in solving the climate challenges and with the award, Copenhagen will be a role model city, where other ambitious cities can find inspiration.”

Hamborg held the titel as European Green Capital in 2011. Olaf Scholz, First Mayor of the City of Hamburg, congratulates Copenhagen:
“Congratulations to Copenhagen on the selection as European Green Capital 2014. The title is another feature that Hamburg and Copenhagen have in common. I had an opportunity exactly one year ago to learn a great deal about Copenhagen, and to see what a liveable and sustainable city it is. I look forward to even closer cooperation with our Danish neighbours in the future.”

Wind Power

All electricity in our apartment and cottage come from wind power and solar pannels